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Disable outbound wrap pop ups completely?


This may be more of a system configuration question than a development one, but thought I would try here.

We have CTIOS desktop users that have their desk settings enabled as wrap required for outbound (and inbound). That has worked fine in the past for them and they do not get a wrap code pop up for either direction, but still have their work ready state.

We have just recently added new groups that wanted to have wrap codes entered and their desk settings are set to required with wrap up data. This works fine for this new groups when that take external or non-ACd callers.

However, when members of the first group call the new second group, they receive the same wrap code pop up wrap up list the new group receives, identical listings. The original group does not want this (of course), but we cannot figure out why the calling party would get a wrap code pop up at all with only "required" set in their desk settings for wrap on outbound.

At the base level, since outbound wrap codes are not supported, is there a way to simply disable the wrap code pop up on outbound so that it would never pop on outbound, but let the incoming desk settings remain as desired by the call center groups? We are trying to avoid a CTIOS desktop code change to accomodate all this, when outbound wrap codes should not be popping at all if not suported.

I found this in a the CTIOS system admin guide, but I am not sure of the impact: 


How do I disable the WrapupData dialog for the CTI OS Desktop with IPCC and still have my Agents go into Wrapup state after a call? 

Possible Cause

If the EnableWrapupDialog registry value is set to 0, the dialog will be disabled on the CTI OS desktops. This will, however, not be the case if the Agent's Desk Settings for Incoming Wrapup are set to RequiredWithData in the ICM Configuration utility.

Will this work, but allow the desk settings that are there now to override this? I looked in the registry of the CTIOS PGs and this key is not there.

Or is there a better way to disable the wrap code pop up on the outbound desktop altogether, system wise?

Thanks for any advice.


Frequent Contributor

This is a CTIOS product configuration issue with the out of box CTIOS Agent Desktop, not a CTIOS Toolkit API issue. Suggest you open a TAC case.