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Hello,I'm using CUIC 10.5 (the bundled CCX Reporting version) and want to schedule reports to run every 4 weeks.That bit is simple, however, these reports need to pull back data for our own date periods which run 4 weekly.  This means that every 4 we...

My company uses finesse for two call centers. We have an intranet site for our admins where we have useful tools and information. I am wanting to put a page on our admin intranet site with some stats on Finesse. I am looking to start really simple. I...

Hey,I would like to combine metrics gathered by both SGs and SGs.CallsOffered (from any table) and AHT,TalkTime,ReservedStateTime and so on.. (preferrable from the Agent_Skill_Group_Interval table)But I really can´t find any ID i can combine them bet...

                How would I create a bosh connection with finesse 10.5 Uccx ,using a third party  java api(e.g babbler) as we are developing third party non gadget thick client application. Do we need to connect to the finesse server using a proxy or...

Can anyone helpI am trying to create a report which shows who has transfered a call to another agent.Having run a basic Agent Skill group Historical report it shows an agent A handling 2 calls both of which were Transfered in. If I wanted to create a...

sarbarnes by Level 4
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Hi,I have a custom report which have 1 grouping and that grouping has the "Show Summary" so it shows each group sub-total.Which is fine.But, how can I remove the last "grand total" footer line at the bottom of the report ? I want to remove it because...

Resolved! Transfer Events

Is there any way to receive and handle transfer events raised after an interaction with the bar buttons using Javascript API?I took a look at the SetVariable sample but it generates a transfer from the gadget itself.Please help.Mirko

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