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DNS server IP changed in UCCX


Dear All,


I have changed Primary and secondary DNS server IP address for UCCX (2 servers).

Post that my UCCX servers licences MAC address got changed.

But when i login into UCCX its not showing me a banner that you are running on demo licences.

In this case we have to re host the licences on UCCX?


I have not rebooted the servers yet.

Running on UCCX 11.5.



Thanks in advance.





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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
I can't recall the specifics on when you'll see that banner, but yes, I would think it would be there immediately following a Primary DNS server change, but not a Secondary DNS server change. I'd be curious to know if your license MAC has changed. Go to License > Display License, and look at one of your license files, and in the contents you should see a piece like: <MAC>672f71c2d345</MAC>, which should match your current License Mac. does it?

Yes...My license MAC got changed.

But so far no banner on my uccx.

So i have to reboot my UCCX nodes?

I would personally feel better if I saw the banner and fixed the licensing. How do you know that the clock isn't ticking right now?

 If i login into UCCX admin page i will get banner showing you are running on demo license.At that time i have to re host the license.


But yes after changing the DNS IP address, License MAC got changed.

But for me no banner after login into UCCX.

So got confused .

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