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EIM 4.4(1) - Task Assigned Agent Routing

Aaron Wickland

I am currently working to have inbound email utilize a set of routing rules. Based on these routing rules, I am having the message assigned to IPTA queues. Once there the tasks are assigne a EIM case ID number that is tracked by EIM, and assigned to a specific agent.

Is there a set of best practice documentation, with information on how to deliver all interactions between the agent and the customer / Case ID to continuoulsy be assigned to the assigned / prefered agent in EIM?

Right now if I have an agent logged in and taking email tasks. the EIM task ID is assigned to that agent. If this agent responds to the customer and requests further information, and the customer complies, the subsequent reply from the customer utilizes the normal EIM routing rules, and is delivered to a queue. I am attempting to deliver this email thread to the same agent with whom it originated and is currently assigned.

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EIM will set preferred agent ID and this is passed up through the MR PG. Examine this in your script, and if set, do a queue to agent instead of a queue to skill group.



I have examinied the ICM script, but can you point me in the right direction. If perfered agent ID is being sent over via the MR PG. is there a specific variable mapping that needs to take place to get this to work correctly, or would it be possible to just do a standard queue to agent node and look for Call.PreferedAgentID?

That's exactly it.

Check if Call.PreferedAgentID is set and if so, do a Queue to Agent (implicit) otherwise, do your normal processing. For Queue to Agent (implicit) you need an enterprise skill group and an enterprise route, and all agents need to be assigned to the skill group in the enterprise skill group. Make some suitable names up for these.

Now Call.PreferedAgentID is how it should work and how it works over the Bucher and Suter MCAL adapter, so check the PIM log as EIM does it.



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