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EIM/WIM custom AddressBook


is it possible to create custom AddressBook on EIM?

After clicking on "..." button next to email address "To:", system is trying to display all the contacts from EGPL_CASEMGMT_CPOINT_EMAIL (limitation is by default 100 and I am able to change this in CIM\eService\config\ - Reply.AddressBook.EmailAddresses.Count, but recommendation is not higher than 500).

But I am unable to display the contact on position  for example 786 (but this table has more than 17k of other customers).

How to customise the selection? Modification of customers directly on the database is very risky (and I dont want to do that).

Thanks for any advice


EIM/WIM custom AddressBook

You should not modify anything in the database as this is populated based on customer records created or based on incoming emails. Practically speaking why would you need to look at more than 20 email addresses. In a web-based mail client such as gmail, yahoo as you type the address the relevant results show up, not sure if there is any confusion around this functionality, when you click on the list it populates the allowed limit, and as you type the list should be refined why would you want more than 20?


EIM/WIM custom AddressBook

Hello Karthik,

thank you for your message, but EIM is not working as you described (I've got 4.4(1), basic licence).

20 results based on first character (or few characters) should be enough, but results that are shown up after some string is entered are always the same (system is not reacting to any string from "To:" field).

After agent's click on "..." button, always the same N results from EGPL_CASEMGMT_CPOINT_EMAIL table are shown (without any "..   like %STRING%     .." statement from SQL query that is sent to get the AddressBook entries), where N is Reply.AddressBook.EmailAddresses.Count number.

Is this a bug, or feature? Maybe the table reaches its limit, or there is another problem (before the N results are shown, system is displaying the message: "Number of matching records are more than displayed on console. Use more specific starting characters to filter the email addresses", and I have to press the "OK" button, but specifying other starting characters - even more specific, always the same results are shown - as I told before)

Thank you for any other usefull information.


EIM/WIM custom AddressBook

This should be corrected in the product,

1. When launchingaddressbook window through assist(...) button, it fetches all email address for department.

2. If agent has typed something before clicking assist button, that text is not used.

3. When agent starts typing in addressbook window, for each keypress, there is a server call to fetch email addresses starting with the entered text.

4. If the number of email addresses returned from db are more than a maxEmailAddresses, then an alert is shown(as mentione). This count is configured in as property.

We should change this also if you are saying the list is not updated please report this so that it can be validated and corrected.


EIM/WIM custom AddressBook

Thank you Karthik for your help,

all the statements are working as you described, only the "keypress action" is corrupted (no other server calls are happening, addressbook entries are the same). I will vreate a case for this issue.

Have a nice day, Michal.


EIM/WIM custom AddressBook

If you wish to generate another server call after a keypress the Enter key must be pressed to retrieve more entries from the server. Keypresses prior to the Enter key will only check entries already loaded locally.

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