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Email Inbound Flow Failing on Create Task Node


I am running an integration of WebEx Connect with O365 via Oauth. Using the default Email Inbound flow, emails to the inbox are not being queued for agents. Debugging the flow I see that the "Create Task" node is resulting in "onInvalidChoice" with the description:
""status : 3004 , desc : no valid edge found for the async event, id :: 50024""

The Flow never makes it to the Queue Task node to queue the email for an agent in WxCC. However, this exact same scenario is working for our test app. The only difference between the test app/service and the production one is that the test app uses the native service account for the email ID and username. The production app uses the service account name for the username in the app but a proxy address for the email ID and bizemailid variable, as this is the email to which customers are sending their inquiries. 

The only settings that were changed in either flow is the queue task node that was updated to use a skill and queue configured in WxCC, and the custom variable bizemailid which was updated to use the email address to which customers would send email. 

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