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external grammar files with CVP 11?



As there is feature to debug & test ASR application in CVP 11.

Can somebody please help me with answer, is there any possibility to test external voice grammar files (hosted on local IIS) using this feature?

Thank you.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you please elaborate the question. You mean debug from Call Studio / Debug in VXML Server?

if it though VXML Server , Can you VXML Server Insert element feature in Call Studio .

Hi Raghavendra, thank you for the response.

Yes, i mean to say debug in Call Studio 11.

I have tried to hosting grammar files on local machine IIS, grammar file path given in form element.

I am able to debug but when i say anything always no match  event . (Testing in Call Studio using debugger).

Thanks Juber.

Interesting, Have never tried by myself. However, as per the Call Studio Debugger you can use this.

Cisco Unified Call Studio User Guide > Cisco Unified Call Studio > Builder

  • External grammars. When an element that uses external grammars is visited, your input will be treated directly as the interpretation that an automated speech recognition (ASR) engine would return. However, if there are any inline or built-in grammars active during that element, your input will first be matched against those before being treated as an external grammar interpretation.
  • Audio Files and Grammar For local TTS / ASR Testing . If an application with audio prompts wants to listen to the audio wav files during debugger they can be kept at the default location "C:\Cisco\CallStudio\eclipse\plugins\\CATALINA_HOME\webapps\CVP\audio".

So i believe, we can use external grammar in call studio .

I am trying but no luck as of now .

Just for confirmation do we need to keep grammar file extension grxml compulsory or we can keep xml as well?

Could please is there something missing in the grammar or form element config?

Thank you.

grammar file.pngform-element.png

If you haven't done so already, please try to get the ASR working in the Debugger using the Digits element (builtin grammar).
I've never had luck with the Debugger ASR - but  the first step is to determine whether it works with builtin grammars.

Next, in your grammar, you need to specify the content of the tag element as name=value pair, otherwise you'll have to parse the return result using javascript. Below is the grammar that worked for me.

Using <tag> foundation_fld="bike" </tag> returns the word bike into Element Data named value.
The word foundation_fld must match either the Form element's setting named Field Name or Field Slot

I'm not at all confident that the microsoft ASR being used by the debugger will be able to retrieve grammars, as mine doesn't work at all.

First of all i will check with Digits element (builtin grammar).

Many thanks for sharing working grammar & explaining how we can set & retrieve value for utterance.

Thanks again, it is very helpful.


We are using basically the same as you but we are receiving the following error when we try to play the information received from Form Element:

"Play,element,warning,A substitution representing Element data from element "Form_01" and variable named "value" referred to non-existent information. An empty string was substituted instead."


What are we missing?

Can you help us please?



Paulo Ferreira

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