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Hey everyone, I am working on a CVP application that will return results from a SQL query and then send the returned row result(s) to an API.  The query is working as expected returning the following XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalo...

Hi Dev Net, I've deployed the Task Management Gadget sample from Cisco Dev Net: Task Routing.  However I can't get the gadget out of "Signed Out" state.  Furthermore I don't see any requests between application gadget and finesse upon monitoring netw...

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dnzgvn by Level 1
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Module><ModulePrefstitle="Description" height="800"></ModulePrefs><Content type="url" href=";" />.    (just an example)</Module>and for instance in desktop  <tab>                <id>test</id>    ...

loprestid by Level 1
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Hi there,We are trying to integrate our CRM (Oracle Service Cloud) with Finesse via HTTP GET request.The goal is to trigger the Screen Pop functionality of OSvC passing a Contact ID. We were actually able to accomplish the desired result by using the...

BrunoAun by Level 1
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Looking to build a microapp to take calls from ICM to process TTS/ASR but need to pass SSML to the form audio group as well as a grammar file from ICM.  So far I've attempted to use the RESTAPI step to pull either an XML file or raw text. The raw tex...

UCCX version 12.0Is it possible to provide a Supervisor Live Data Gadget to an agent desktop by including a supervisor login in the desktop layout XML?I can add the gadget to the Agent Layout but the agent display for that gadget shows - 'User does n...

dannoofWI by Level 1
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We are able to updateCallVaribale with Gadget but looking to invoke this updateCallVaribale logic when agent transfer call to specific entry in/from PhoneBook.Below info is in ClientLog when i transferred to phoneNumber XXXXXXXX from Phonebook but no...

smeegada1 by Spotlight
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