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Finesse to SocialMiner Flow

We are having an issue with our new Task Routing setup. We are getting tasks properly routed to Finesse agents via Task Routing so that direction of flow is working. What isn't working is that Closed tasks by Finesse agents are not being removed from SocialMiner and RONA tasks are not being requeued to SocialMiner (again by Finesse). Both would indicate that the messaging flow from Finesse back to SocialMiner is not working (as the documentation says it is Finesse that reports both of these back to SocialMiner). Now I don't recall seeing any configuration where Finesse is given the SocialMiner info directly. Does anyone know what the messaging flow is for traffic from Finesse back to SocialMiner is and what parties are involved? Also what logs would be useful to check. We have confirmed that the Finesse AWDB user is properly configured as per the Cisco Task Routing section of the UCCE Features Guide.

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Re: Finesse to SocialMiner Flow


Your understanding is correct.

Finesse obtains SocialMiner details (host, credentials etc.) from AWDB and uses it to make REST API requests to SocialMiner to close, reinject and transfer tasks.

This seems like an issue that needs troubleshooting from Cisco TAC. I remember a case recently where these REST API requests from finesse (to SocialMiner) were failing because of an issue with finesse unable to decrypt the SM credentials after retrieving it from AWDB. (I'm not saying this is indeed the issue in your case - it sounds like something that we should have TAC investigate).

We can confirm from SocialMiner tomcat access logs whether requests from finesse are even reaching, and if so, what is SocialMiner responding for these requests.

Let me know if you need more information.



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