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Getting com.audium.server.voiceElement.ElementException in Cisco CVP Record Element

Malik Ehtasham

I have a small application in which I need to record the customer comment. I am using Record element of Cisco CVP.  During configuration when I give path of recorded file to the local machine on which the vxml application is deployed everything work fine and Record element , record the customer voice and store the file at given place

But the problem occurs when I try to store the recorded file (Which was recorded through Record element) on different machine.

Just like I did, I have created a folder on other server and make it share to everyone . I can access this folder on CVP machine on which my vxml application is deployed but when I use this path in the Record element it through an exception.    “A built-in element encountered an exception of type com.audium.server.voiceElement.ElementException”

Here are the configuration setting of Record Element

<setting name="noinput_timeout">5s</setting>

<setting name="max_noinput_count">3</setting>

<setting name="start_with_beep">true</setting>

<setting name="terminate_on_dtmf">true</setting>

<setting name="keep_recording_on_hangup">true</setting>

<setting name="max_record_time">180s</setting>

<setting name="final_silence">4s</setting>

<setting name="filename">Check</setting>

<setting name="file_type">wav</setting>

<setting name="extension">wav</setting>

<setting name="path">\\APPSERVER\recordings</setting>

Where APPSERVER is the name of other server on which I try to place my file while recordings are the share folder on that server.

Can anybody tell me where I am doing wrong.

Or the thing which I am doing is not possible

dlender janinegraves


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If you look in the error log, you'll probably see 'Access Denied'. You'll have to research online how to provide shared folder access with Win2008 Server. I think this came up within the past year here on the forum.

Why don't you just save it locally using the Path setting and then use the FTP client element? That's what is was created for.

That would also give you a chance to 'back out' - in case someone makes a mistake during the recording and wants to re-record it before it becomes 'active' on the media server.

Just a thought.

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You'll also find at this post that another customer uses DFS file system

replication to keep the media servers in synch. Perhaps that would work

for you.

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You'll also find at this link the same issue occurred before.

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