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Is there any way via Finesse to know that a particular Dialog is being recorded by MediaSense? And if so which MediaSense is handling it? I believe the answer is no but just in case I have missed something.

kpickard by Contributor
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HiI need to control the calls received on a CRM when the caller abandone the call, because the agent must call him later (is an emergencies system).When I have Agents logged on the queue, finesse send an event:     <actions>          <action>UPDATE_C...

Hi,The CUIC Report Template Reference Guide 9.0 notes that Precision Queue interval data are derived from Skill_Group_Interval fields, but the database schema guide for UCCE 9.0 notes that most fields within the Skill_Group_Interval table won't be up...

ddehart by Beginner
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Paul/Janine,       Do you guys know, if cisco-rate attribute works for the prompt element. I set changed it from 2 to 4 but it does not seem to have the desired effect.  Any gateway settings that need to be changed ?Hemal

Hi,  I am having issues with inserying call variable data into a SQL 2005 database.  I can successfully write the values from my "Digits" element and the ANI to the DB, but call variables are throwing VXML errors, complaining about the “column name”....

dsemmler by Enthusiast
  • 6 replies
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I have a simple application and i have used record element in it. I am facing error.badfetch on that record element. All of other application is working fine. I am using record element first time that's why i am not able to find the error, here is th...

I have a customer who is using a customised version of this report that I have created. They are happy with the extra columns, however as they are reporting on a number of call types, they want to actually just see a summary by half hour of all the C...

sarbarnes by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies
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Hi,I am using the Cisco Finesse APIs to retrieve all the queues an agent belongs to. If I login with an agent and then browse to: http://finesse_ip/finesse/api/User/5001010/Queues, I can see an XML with the details of all agent queues. However the fo...

I am getting this error in Global Error LogThere has been an error with the http session: a request was made due to an event caught in the root document that refers to a session that has already ended. URI: /CVP/ServerAnd error log shows error.badfet...

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