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I have a custom CVP (8.5.1) element that accepts some parameters, then makes a web service call that calls a stored procdure to insert a record that stores the DTMF (and associated answer ID) after a user makes a selection from a modified menu elemen...

Hello,I am new in Finesse Development. I have quite good experience of CTIOS application development. As for as i think Finesse is the replica of CTIOS application because now cisco is transferring things to Web.In CTIOS development, we use CIL Libra...

Hi all,I am developing custom softphone as like non gadget finesse code. During login process I am not getting the invalid extension error when I input invalid extension. It gets logged in and softphone not works. How can i handle this scenario.Thank...

Hi,I have a customer that wants to increase the size of the team performancegadget, they have several teams with several agents within it and wants to seeon one sample screen all the agents and their states.We have put the team performance in a singl...

Hi All,we have to deploy 2 distinct gadget vertically left and right, like below layout image. how to achieve this?                                            Thanks,Arul

Resolved! Finesse 10 & UCCX

It is my understanding that UCCX with Finesse 10 has gone to GA. Is that correct? If so how do we go about getting a developer copy (similar to the NFR kits for UCCE 9.1)? Are they available somewhere? Otherwise do we buy the GA software with a separ...

kpickard by Level 5
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Hi,I have a got 'Cisco Rich UC Sandbox' . Could any one help me how do i configure Cisco Unified Contact Center and Cisco Finessw in this LAB environment ? else please redirect me to the lab environment for Cisco Finesse.Thanks & Regards,Prabodh

prabodh20 by Level 1
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