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Groups or templates of skills for agents (resources)

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Level 1

We currently run CCX v8.5.

We have a few teams, and based on team, resources (agents) have different skills. Assigning the sets of skills to resources is a tedious process. Is there a way to create groups or templates of skills, that can be assigned to a resource? 

There is Resource Groups, but it seems to not be able to hold skills.

What's our options?

Is this a feature in newer versions of CCX?

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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I wish if that would have been possible with your version of UCCX 8.5 but it is not. Starting version 9, we have introduced the functionality of API through which you can achieve various kind of functionality available within CCX Administration.

Attached is the API Developer Guide that provides the list of all APIs available with UCCX and their usage.

Also, one thing I want to add here is that if being an Admin you feel that it is quite a tedious task to manage skills etc for all the resources (which I definitely believe it is, especially in big call centers) then you can ask the supervisors to login into UCCX with their credentials and add/remove the required skills for the resources of their teams as per the requirements



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Ok, thank you. Very helpful.

I have another issue as well: 

Scenario: User calls our Call Center, he listens to prompt playing, giving him options for queues. If he waits hitting a number for a queue, till after the prompt is done playing, nothing actually happens. He has to make his choice while the prompt is still playing. 

Is this a known issue, does it have something to do with how our script is done?

Hi This is a scripting issue. You'll just have to put a longer timeout on the menu, or repeat it. Aaron
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Can you right click on the particular step you are using i.e., Get Digit String or Menu and open Properties and then see if Interruptible is set to Yes or No. In case set to No, set it to Yes save the changes, upload the script again refresh it and then try. If this does not fix it, upload the script to this thread and highlight the exact section that is not working.