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How are you all isolating agent (CCX) issues related to network connectivity

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Level 1

With more CCX agents working from home we are seeing issues that are typically network related.  Usually surrounding the agent status getting stuck or not updating at all.

After reviewing plenty of logs it is usually determined to be a networking issue.


Our clients have a few different configurations:
- Jabber via MRA

- CIPC over VPN

- Few have MRA deskphones at home; though this would be ideal.


Either way, there are too many factors with a home network that can result in poor this unwanted behavior.

Is there a quicker way to diagnose and isolate than pulling console logs, MIVR logs etc?
Are there trusted bandwidth monitors or other tools?

I've been reading about Extend and Connect....any suggestions on if this could be a viable solution? If I understand the call flow it would go to any you could send the call to a mobile device over PSTN?

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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Great question. I have no idea. But I thought you should know that while E/C sounds nice, it does require you to nail up an active call to that device for the entire login session (so a full work day). Personally, I think that sucks. Also, if you are already having network issues, the Finesse login could timeout and then the E/C will also fail.