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How to become an expert in UCCX CUIC reporting




I would like to know from Cisco professionals, what skills i need to become a UCCX CUIC expert. 

I'm talking about advanced knowledge like customizing report definitions. 

The training that is provided by Cisco's certified training centers

CUICAU - Cisco Unified Intelligence Center for Advanced Users v1.1

does not cover that part.


Have a good day!

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Sean Vaidya

Unless you can find a class specific to this somewhere or someone else on the forums has a better idea, I think your best option is to read through relevant documentation on here-


That combined with hands on should be sufficient in my opinion.

Mark Swanson

This is straight from the following Cisco doc;


Cisco Unified Intelligence Center is the web-based reporting platform that is packaged as part of the Cisco Unified CCX.

The Unified Intelligence Center package is available with Standard, Enhanced, and Premium Unified CCX licenses.


Co-resident CUIC on UCCX does not provide the capability to customize reports or to restrict value list collections without implementing custom report definitions. Implementing custom report definitions requires the system to be integrated with a Standalone CUIC Premium server.



So, the question is... do you have a standalone server and CUIC Premium license? If not, the level of customization is limited to a number of predefined parameters or fields. For example, let's say your report contains the CSQ Name, CSQ ID, Agent Name, Agent Extention and so on. With the CUIC Standard license, you can add/edit/remove the parameters within this report. So, if you wanted to remove the CSQ ID from the report, you can do so with the standard license. 


Now, if you want the ability to combine data from one report with another report... this level of customization is only available with the CUIC Premium license. From my experience, trying to find Cisco documentation or training for customizing CUIC reports is very difficult to find... honestly, I don't know if Cisco posted docs about this or not. You can always view the UCCE/CUIC Custom Reports documentation to get a rough idea but UCCE is a different animal.


If you have a standalone server with a CUIC Premium license, then your best bet is brushing up on your SQL skills because the stock reports are determined by Stored Procedures (SP) which is basically, predefined SQL statements. You can always analyze and create your own SQL statements using the SP as a template but again, you need the CUIC Premium license. 


Good Luck!

Thanks for your detailed answer, yes but these SQL statements are scary and complicated and you don't know they are based on basically you have to go deep and analyze each SP.

Couild be an idea, i thought there was a document or a training that explains how these SP are built.

but yes i had in mind improving my SQL skills, but i thought also there is some documentation out there that can help.


have a good day...

Vinod Patil

This is what you need to follow


1. Understand the UCCX DB, stock reports, go through the UCCX DB schema guide, user reporting guide.

2. How Cisco stock reports are build? they use stored procedure, so need to be master in informix SP/SQL

3. Follow the steps mentioned here


Please rate if this was helpful


Best regards,



This link is not working.

I want to create stored procedure and then get report from it as you said.

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