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http trigger question

running CCX 7.0.1 PREMIUM

Don't know much about HTTP Triggers.

Have a question - If a web page is pushed to an agent, is there a way that when a button is pressed on the web page that this action could initiate a call record on the agent's phone?

if so can someone explain at a high level how this would / could work?



Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee

For what it's worth, there is a tool bar button within CAD, which you can enable, and then the agent can start a recording on their own.  Using a button within a web page, while possible via IPC Actions, is not practical when the feature is built right in to the client UI.

Check within Cisco Desktop Administrator for the setting.

totally understand the perspective here.

We have the start and stop buttons on the bar already.

however, getting an agent to remember to click it is the challenge.

We have a form that the agent must fill out on behalf of the customer.

if the accessing of this form by clicking a link can trigger the recording - this would help us immensely.

Can this be done via http trigger to begin a recording in an active call?



Are you trying to use the on demand recording as a full time recording solution? It isn't great for that, but it can be done. Rather that use a trigger, you could use desktop admin (in workflow groups) to initiate the record call event on answer and stop recordinging on end call. I don't know how you could do it in an HTTP trigger because it doesn't have the call information and that is really a CAD event.

The HTTP Trigger feature of UCCX is all about kicking off a script, and has nothing to do with Agents.

If you need a web page (and thus a web server) to start a recording for an agent then yes, this is possible.  I think.

Look into IPC Actions within Cisco Desktop Administrator.

I have this old thread here where I gave away a Ruby program for starting random recordings.  Perhaps your web server admin will find it helpful.  Though, most web server admins don't write in Ruby, he's probably an ASP .NET guy, am i right?

I don't know what happened to my other reply, so if you see a double post, know that it was not my fault.

so anyway, I said something about using the web server to send IPC Actions to CAD, and then referenced this old post of mine where I gave away code using IPC actions.  Perhaps it will be useful.  Perhaps not.

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