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ICM Sprawler

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I am planning to build lab and want to test ICM Sprawler (10.5 and upgrade to 11.5) , can anyone advise on the hardware requirement.




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Hi ,


Are you planning to use existing or new hardware ?

Any specific reason for 10.5 ?


UCCE current  version is 11.6 .x .  you can build Lab  from 11.0.1 then upgrade to 11.5 or 11.6 .x .


There is no OVA / Hardware for ICM Sprawler  setup . Lap purpose you can use  Cisco UCS servers for B/C/H series  or 3rd party supported Hardware.


Refer the below link for UCCE Virtualization and Hardware reservation  details .


Thanks & Regards,

S. Ram


Hello Ram,

I am planning to install 10.5 and upgrade to 11.5.

I am having PC box with 32GB RAM/2TB HDD/i5-7th gen 270 board.

Hi Ramamoorthy,

I'm installing UCCE v12.0(1) Sprawler setup in lab, but I'm unable to create database in ICMDBA. The ICM installer ran with domain admin account and finished with out any issues.

I can successfully identify my domain in Domain Manager and can add the facility and instance with no problem. I've also verified my domain admin account is a member of all the Domain Manager security groups.

The problem I'm running into is I cannot create a new database in ICMDBA. My server appears in the dropdown but my instance is not showing. All the options are greyed out.

I followed cisco's SQL installation steps and adjusted the Collation to Latin_General Binary. Also, I reordered the client protocols, 1)shared memory, 2)named pipes, 3)TCP/IP. The SQL port number is the default, 1433 (TCP) and 1434 (UDP).

Any ideas why i am not able to create a new database in ICMDBA, and all the options are greyed out?

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Hi Ramamoorthy,

Please let me know the Virtualization and Hardware reservation for UCCE 12.6 Sprawler home lab setup.