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I am posting this here because I, the Site Support Team, AS WELL AS the Cisco analysts at my job are just lost as to what could be the cause.  I have a Lenovo P1 Windows 10 Version 20H2 Laptop that is hardwired connection to my internet with download...

Red31985 by Beginner
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Good morning guys and girls, I'm sorry this going to be a very simple stupid question.    I'm not CISCO expert but learning and currently cannot contact our phone team.  I'm dealing with our reports for the phones and trying to understand something....

What is the recommended way to handle inactive agents ? If they remain in the database they will appear on Historical reports forever if the agent list is used in a left join as the starting point of a report query. However, as I understand it if the...

jboresta by Beginner
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Hi there, I wonder if Jabber for VDI built in bridge recording is something that would work? I see contradictory information that in some sources such as jvdi install/deploy guide it says that it can be configured, however when I look at the UCCE com...

MrCat by Beginner
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Hello.  we have 4k Rogger deployment, UCCE 12.6, with Finesse being on ES03.  We are using SSO globally, with Cisco IdS and our IdP is Ping Federate.  We periodically do Disaster Recovery tests where Side A is completely isolated from Side B.   This ...