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ICM Test Plan


I am building a new UCCE environment from the ground up including:

2 Roggers

2 Distributor AW's

4 Call Manager PGs

There are a couple extra parts to the environment including CVP, however I was curious if anyone had and would like to share a test plan that may be used once the installation has been completed. (ie. failover, inter component communication, etc.)

Any help would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Me also interested .New to UCCE

Is it for lab purpose of production?

Setup for production would be robust and fault tolerant than lab, so design will vary accordingly.

How many servers do you have? also with model.

What version of ICM, CVP, CUCM will you use?

All of those are question are very much related with your design and implementation.

This is for a small production environment running UCCE 7.2.5. We will have the following servers:

2 Roggers (MCS7845)

2 AW\HDS\Webview (MCS7845)

4 PGs (MCS7845)

2 CVP (4.0)(MCS7845)

1 Publisher (CUCM 6.1) (MCS7835)

2 Subscribers (CUCM 6.1) (MCS7835)

The Roggers and PGs are duplexed with Side A and Side B being located at different locations across a WAN. There will also be 1 CVP and 1 AW\HDS\Webview server at each site. The Publisher and 1 Subscriber will be located at one site while the other Subscriber will be located at the other site. I am getting ready to build the environment over the next week or so, and I would like to have a test plan so that I can turn over a solid environment. I have some very preliminary ideas about how to test but would like to see if anyone out there has anything more advanced. I would really really appreciate any help you can offer!



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