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Configure an alternate greeting / emergency closing

Chuck Reid


Is there a way in IPCC express 5.0 to configure an alternate greeting check / emergency closing check.

I have configured a holiday check but that only works based on date, not on time and the client needs to be able to set an alternate greeting flow for half days and snow days etc...



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For sure it can be done. How do they plan to activate the greeting?

one way is to have an agent log into an emergency Q. In your script chek if any one is logged in emergency if yes diver calls to half day or snow greeting.

The other ways are you can record prompts on fly by dialing a number and chage the greeting but make sure you understand you are over writing the prompts.

One more option is variables and check if its bad weather option = 1 or 0, based on option play the call flow.

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Hi Baseer,

I like the idea of being able to dial an extension and leaving a message that creates a prompt and changes a variable that is checked at the beginning of a script.

I have two issues, I don't have a script to record a prompt and I don't know how to do what I want to do. Do you have a promopt recording script with instructions and perhaps a sample script for how to do what I would like to do?




Here is the script for recording prompts.

you may want to have the prompt (pre loaded in your script may be empty or blank)

To do do agent check is simple just do the CSQ check and re route your call to announcement, voice mail or prompt.

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i was wondering if you may be able to help, i have a request similar to the above. i am working on a helpdesk script, i have 95% of the script written but what i am hung up on is how to let agents dynamically change messages. any thoughts

You can have some pre recorded messages in different Voice mail boxes and depending on agent state you can send the caller to that message. This will be same VM for all callers.

Hope that answers if not send the detailed q to me at

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