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ICM with IP IVR scripting - play a different prompt on each queue loop


I am working on an IVR script for CCE that plays a different prompt each time through without creating multiple scripts.  There are some lengthy hold times for the callers and would like to play some helpful tips while they wait.

Here is the how I would like it to work, I am open to suggestions for a better process.

call queues up> no agents available> run external script> external scripts plays tip number 1> returns to ICM to see if agents are logged on and call has not been in queue for longer than 900 seconds> assuming agents are logged on and not queued for 900 seconds return to same external script and play tip 2> return to ICM and repeat playing a new tip each time until an agent is available.

I'm thinking I could do this with many set variable steps, but would like something a bit more clean.  Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

Or would I just put all the "tip" prompts in the same VRU script with a chink of music in between each one.  ICM should be able to interrupt if an agent comes available correct?

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First, ICM will interrupt as

First, ICM will interrupt as long as the script is set to interruptible. Second, make your loops around 450 seconds to prevent having to go back and forth between ICM and IPIVR too much. Finally, you'll have to pass a variable to/from ICM so the IVR knows what to play.

For example, call goes into queue, IVR plays 1.wav, 2.wav, 3.wav... After 15.wav it's time to go back to ICM, you could then pass to ICM 15 in a variable and when the call comes back to the IVR, it will start with 15.wav.



Precisely what I was thinking

Precisely what I was thinking.  Thank you for passing along your insight.


I do this very thing for one

I do this very thing for one of my queues. One of my customers has a professionally-recorded on-hold music file they like to play but it's 12 minutes long. It's essentially a series of commercials with a couple of seconds of music between commercials. I break the 12-minute wav file into approximately 1 minute segments (during the music portion between tips) and name the files 1.wav through 12.wav. I keep a counter in IVR that increments each time a segment plays. After 3 segments (about 3 minutes give or take), I store the counter in an ECC or PV then return to ICM where I check to see if the call center was put into an emergency closed condition while the caller was in queue. If the call center status is still normal, I return to the IVR script, read that ECC or PV and play the next wav file in the series. The transition from IVR to ICM back to IVR is fast enough the caller doesn't even notice the break in the prompt play. When the counter gets to 12, I reset the counter to 1 and start the cycle over.


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