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IP IVR 3.5(3) wants to give helpdesk service to CUCM 5.1


Hi, we have a provider that has ip ivr 3.5(3) integrated with ccm 4.1(3). This provider gives helpdesk service using its IVR so he wants to give us the same service. The problem is that we are using CUCM 5.1 and when we call the Route Point on the provider's ccm we catch a cti port and actually an agent respond our call. The problem is that we can not hear the prompt. We tried changing the codec from g729 to g711 but nothing happens.

What else can we do, do you know if there is an incompatibility between the versions?

Thanks in advanced,


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VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Yes, per the compatibility matrix:

CUCM 5.1(1b): 4.5(2), 5.0(2)

CUCM 5.1(2): 5.0(1), 4.5(2)

CUCM 5.1(3): 5.0(1), 4.5(2)

I would open a TAC case just to verify if they have any customer that has been able to run your versions together, but I am 99.9% sure you will have to upgrade your IP IVR.


Hi David, Do the compatibility matrix only apply for integration or also for interaction like my case. It means we don't want to integrate our CUCM 5.1 with the IP IVR 3.5(3) we only want to use its service as a helpdesk client.

Thanks for your time,



Not sure what you mean when you're talking about using it as a help desk client. My understanding is if you want to have a CUCM RP to launch an IP IVR script, the compatibility matrix says to upgrade your IP IVR.


Oh ok, the helpdesk provider has the IP IVR 3.5(3) with a CCM 4.1(3) ... we have CUCM 5.1 so we make an intercluster trunk between both callmanagers, using this trunk we call the RP on the CCM 4.1(3) that is integrated with the IVR, the problem is that we can not hear the prompt from the provider IVR.

Thanks for your time,


Oh, that makes a lot more sense then. Honestly, my IPT is very weak, but this might actually work. I would check the MIVR logs in the IP IVR to see if they are actually playing the prompt.


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