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IPCC extension doesn't ring when agent on a call on primary extension

Scott McAndrew

Hi everyone.

Hopefully this is a nice easy question. Our CCX agents have both a primary and IPCC extension.

The trouble is, when the agent is on a call on their primary extension, if they're selected by the CSQ, the call stays reserved and doesn't actually ring the handset. So the agent doesn't have the opportunity to disconnect the (non-IPCC) call they're on. This is reflecting badly in their stats.

Is this the expected behaviour? I wondered if it was because technically they are busy, just not 'IPCC busy'. If this is what should happen by default, can this be overridden?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

No, this is not expected behaviour. Does it work normally when they are not on phone on the primary extension?

Perhaps it does get delivered to the phone, and Ring setting is set to "beep" or "default" which is beep only, you can change the Ring setting on the UCCX line on the phone to Ring, or Ring Once.



Hi Chris, thank you very much for replying to my query.

Yes everything works fine when the agents are not on the primary line. I've also verified the ring settings and they look as they should. Looking at the line settings, for both they are set to busy trigger of 2, and max calls 4.

I've since found out some more information. Our helpdesk re-created the issue, in that test we had three agents available. One user was asked to use their primary line, which they did and kept active. The appropriate trigger for that CSQ was called from an external mobile. A few calls were made, until it ended up being queued. For the agent that had their primary extension active, on their agent desktop they could see the call reserved for them, however they could not retrieve the call at all. Apparently the stats are being affected because we have an SLA of answering the phone within 10 seconds, from what I've been told, it looks like it's been ringing for long than that while the agent is reserved.

I've only just been informed about this issue, and one question I had was if the user could retrieve the call if they then hung up the primary line, but they unfortunately didn't test that as of yet. I'm awaiting word back when they can.

Thanks again for your help!


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