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shravan hebbar

Length of and total length of RCK+RCKD

Can somebody help me understand what is the lenght of is this 32 bits or 32 characters ? Can this be accommodated in a call peripheral variable to be passed to agent desktop?

Similarly if we concatenate Router call key and Router call key day to create a unique call ID , can this be

accommodated in a call peripheral variable ? Is there a possibility of this exceeding the 40 character length of call peripheral variable?

VIP Engager

It can be changed to whatever you want, assuming you have the room.  It's 32 characters not bits.  Yes you can put this on a PV.  Yes, using RCK and RCKD is a common way to create a unique ID for a call.  Yes, it can go on a PV.  Only you can answer if it can go over 40 characters, how many calls do you take a day?


Bill Brown

You have 10 varibles by default that can each hold 40 characters.  I would simply say if the information data is over 40 characters to trucate it to 40 and pass the characters over 40 to the next line varible, up to 40 of course.  You could get creative and search for the last space before reaching 40 characters and seperate it there.

Example of what my Agents data looks like below.  I simply made two line varibles in my database and made them 39 characters long.  Same for any other varibles passed right to call varibles.  Only wish Cisco gave us a way of adjusting the column width.  That seems the hardest thing for me to get my agents to do.

Line 1       Thank you for calling,

Line 2       ABC Truckings Roadside Support

Customer  ABC Trucking (Code 2538)

Called       8005555555 from 7045555555

Call ID       6CA3D416F89C

Info           None

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