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Limit interaction time in WIM after Customer Disconnects.


We are having a problem with our analysts keeping chats open after the customer disconnects to avoid taking more chats. Is there a setting we can change that will limit the time after the disconnect and force the analyst to take another chat? We do not want to limit the time if they are talking, only if the customer disconnects. If that is not possible does anyone know where in the SQL database that information is store so I can make an alert for managers that an analyst has a disconnected chat?



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Not sure what version you are on but below is the link for teh admin console guide for 4.4.1.

There is an inactivity timer you can set that will log the agent out.

also please look into the section:

Chat Session Settings

there are a few setting in there in which you can set once the customer has left the chat.


I do not want to disconnect the agent. I want to close the interaction. The problem is that we have 3 concurrent tasks assigned to each agent. What they are doing is leaving the chat open after the customer disconnects to avoid having to take another interaction right away. If there is no setting to do this can someone tell me where the status of the customer is in either the UCCE or eGain DB? This way I can built an alert for supervisors.

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