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Need Help in advising how the Copy and Migrate Existing Cisco CCX 3.5 Scripts to New Cisco CCX 9.0.1

We are installing the Cisco CCX 9.0.1. The Mandate is data should  be migrated as it is. of The Scripts being used presently have to be as it is in the new system.


Can some one please help me in suggesting the migration  these scripts .


e.g. Copy the script from the CCX CRS 3.5


Upload them to CCX 9.0.1


ANy additional suggestions welecom

Gergely Szabo


that's quite a change.

Actually, the script abstraction format has changed with the introduction of IPCC Express 4.0 so there's a chance that your 3.x won't be able to run within a UCCX 4+ environment.

You can try, however, exporting them as a file and trying to open them in a UCCX 9.x Script Editor, then validate them. If it passes validation, it may be saved into the script repository.


can you then please advise me the procedure to save the scripts and then run on the 9.x editor

Download scripts from old version CCX app admin page and attempt to open with CCX 9 editor, you will need to review the scripts, pay special attention to any references to directory paths on the windows server as version 9 is appliance and all prompts/documents/etc need to be stored in repository instead of local drive as it was common on old versions.


Hi ,


As mentioned by Gergely Szabo, the old script is not working.

I need a very urgent help. My  2 engineers who are  familiar with scripting  have ;left us suddenly. I am not familiar with scripting and am stuck. Can you guys help in building the script if I send the old one of 3.5 and help write in 9.x. It is only one script ?


In the meantime, I have started reading as to how to write a script.




I suggest you engage a local Cisco partner that can do this on billable engagement.


I am already on the look out,  but the schedule is not working out. Will keep trying



Gergely Szabo

Hi, is the 3.x UCCX system still available? If the answer is yes, can you open the script, take a screenshot and post it to this thread? G.

Dear Gergely Szabo,


Please find attached the script in 3.5

It would be great if you can advise me as we are running out of time.


let me ask you this: you have no slighest idea how UCCX works, is that correct?


I was able to open this script without an error message in a UCCX 8.0 script editor and I assume a UCCX 9.0 script editor would not complain, either.

Did you try what cderen and I told you to do ie. open the script in the 9.0 script editor?

Alright, let's fix some things. First of all:

  • you need the following prompts - download them from the old 3.x system:
    • welcome.wav
    • language_menu.wav
    • max_tries.wav
    • no_input.wav
    • invalid_entry.wav
    • thank_you.wav
  • Looks like all these prompts exist in two directories: "English" and "Hindi". Make sure to get the contents of both directories.
  • your script references another script Eng_LIPDEL_AGRI.aef - make sure to get that script, too.


Dear Gergely Szabo,


I definitely know how CCX works. In fact I have done many installations in UCM from Versions 3.x to 10.x. From a 50 user set up to 5000 user set up. It includes UCM, Unity, Presence as well . I have also installed CCX  and like before, here also I have completed the integration except the script part.


I am equally good on Routers and switches also and have been doing for the last 20 years.


What I do not know is how to  since write script like this one, because I have never attempted to learn a programming language. I will however learn now.


All the prompts are ready and have been downloaded.


I have infact tested the call flow with a Cisco default   script of Cisco aa.aef, and it works.

I need help only on this script.


I opened this script in 9.x editor and also validated.


I guess it may have an issue with the path




OK, you have the necessary skills then. Good luck.


Dear Gergely,


Now here is what we have achieved.

We are able to get all the IVR from internal network i.e. from an extension


However when called from  outside, we are able to invoke the welcome and language . However when we press 1 or 2 for language option, it gives a system error.


Our test gateway has a analog line, while the live set up will have PRI


please help

Please give me the exact system error message.

Take the MIVR logs and post them to here.


Hi Gergely,


I replied up there, but here it is again

Internal calls are from extension 2050 to the Route Point 1234

Externall calls come on any number to Pilot no. 42155715



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