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Nuance Speech suite 11.x

Mr Brightside

Hi There,

Anybody using Nuance Speech Suite 11.x with UCCE/CVP 12.x?

If yes whats your Nuance Speech Server version ?



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VIP Advocate

Yes. Generally the latest 11 or 10 Nuance version will work and are supported.



Thanks, I assume you imply version Speech Suite 11, however what confuses me is that UCCE compatibility matrix for 12.x does not list any of the Speech Suite 11 versions as supported. I believe speech suite 11 for UCCE should consist of Recognizer, Vocalizer and Speech Server. Latest Speech Suite has Recognizer v 11.5.0, Vocalizer v21.06.0 and Speech Server 7.6.0.

However if we look at below matrix only Recognizer i supported being version 11.x?

That is why I wonder what your versions for Speech Server and Vocalizer are.


Look here:


Automatic Speech Recognition and Text to Speech

Cisco Virtualized Voice Browser (VVB) supports the following Nuance components:
Nuance Software 
Nuance Recognizer 11
Nuance Recognizer 10.5 (NR10.5):
Nuance Recognizer 10.5
Nuance Recognizer 10 (NR10):
Nuance Recognizer x86_64 - Package revision 16062
Voice Pack for Recognizer 10.2.0
Vocalizer for Enterprise
Vocalizer for Enterprise
Nuance Vocalizer 7
Nuance Vocalizer 6.2
Voice Pack for Vocalizer 6.0.3
Nuance Speech Server 6.2.8 - Package revision 15189

Contact Nuance support for compatibility of later dot releases of Nuance components with Cisco VVB.

Operating SystemUse vendor-recommended operating system software.

So Speech Suite is just the grouping of software. Think of it like MS Office. For example, it has Excel and Word, but you could install one without the other. So I would look at the version of the individual component and makes sure that's in the compatibility matrix.



I know that and that's what I did.

However none of the Nuance Speech Suite 11 bundled versions is on the Cisco matrix, with the exception of Nuance Recognizer.

Hence I am asking if anybody is actually running Nuance Speech Suite 11 with UCCE 12.x, as it does not seem to be listed as supported based on the Cisco UCCE compatibility matrix.

I'm going by memory, but Speech Suite 11 is using Vocalizer 6.x which is on the list. So to answer your question. Yes, I've ran Speech Suite on CCE 11 and CCE 12.



Thanks David,

I just checked the very first Speech Suite 11.0.0 revision release notes and I see that Recognizer is v11.0.0 and Vocalizer is 7.0.2, which both are supported, however Speech Server is at 7.0.0, which is not on supported list. Hence I wonder what your Speech Server version is as it does not seem to be on the supported list.


Nuance Recognizer


Nuance Vocalizer for Enterprise


Nuance Speech Server



Hi David,

Does VVB12.6 with ES-8 supports Nuance 11.0.3  speech suite and Vocalizer 7.x? When we integrate with Nuance TTS Server from VVB12.6.1 it showing always unreachable, Nuance TTS server is up and running. where as it worked for VVB12.0  



It looks like it is based on the compatibility matrix, but did you make sure the host entries are in your new VVB systems? Here's a Cisco document that goes over it.


"there was an undocumented change in VVB 12.6 where Cisco changes the default SIP Options protocol from TCP to UDP. Manually changing this back to TCP, resolve one of the integration issue. Could you please check if this applies to your setting at VVB and change it back to TCP? After this, check if you see SERVICE AVAILABLE in the VVB."

Pl advise if this also any bug fix? if that is the case where can i change this.



Is this what you're referring to re: TCP/UDP?

In my Nuance Server , Nuance Watcher Demon running and Listening on port 5060. 
I also Tested Command Line Application in Nuance server using MRCP and 5060 it creates TTS to Audio file and logs looks fine. However Integration to VVB still not reachable or unestablished.  

I have another client which was working on VVB 12.6 ES8 and Nuance Suite 11.0.8.

For the issue we have , Since Nuance 11.x is compatible with UCCE12.6, Upgrade of Nuance is not in scope , so we have to resolve with VVB issues at Cisco side. Pl  let me know any bug report that corresponding to this specific issues.



Could you please help 

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