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OutBound Dialer In UCCX


I need to implement outbound dialer, but as I don't have enough knowledge about it I confronted with a problem. I applied configurations in Outbound (General, Campaigns, Area Code, SIP gateway), but it didn't work. The only thing I can monitor is the remaining contacts in my campaign setting. Some times the remaining contact is 0 and some times it's 1 (I imported just one contact for test).

I have a question about my outbound script. I have  created a script that just plays a prompt. Is it correct or place call must be set?

One more thing is that I don't have voice gateway and I place and handle my calls via sip trunk modem that is connected to my Mikrotik firewall and I created a SIP trunk from CUCM to PSTN. so in SIP Gateway configuration should I set the IP address of CUCM or Public IP address of SIP trunk?

would you please guide me?

Thank You



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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
If you are doing a predictive/progressive campaign you must have a Cisco IOS gateway with DSPs to perform CPA. Without that your only option is direct preview.