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PHP Wallboard 2.2.5

Hello everyone, I have developed a PHP Wallboard based off of the original idea from I.mourits found here:

For instructions on how to install it on your system, please read the README.txt file in the zip file. 

It is completely rewritten and is very modular to suit your needs.  Please respond with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Debra Chittick

Is a config file somewhere with Informix that allows access to the database…  something like a client_allow file?  Also is Informix using port 9088 or another port?

I’m trying to get the odbc connector working with the database.



my  PHP  wallboard  is  working  on  Windows  2008 Server. am  using UCCX  8.5.1. For Setting up  the Data Connection,  using  these  instructions in this  URL  and  create  a  System DSN. 

Items  that need  fixing  are:

1.  CSQ  names  do  not  display on the  wallboard

2.   Logo do  not  show  on the  Reports, Notification and  Feedback  pages

Hi Steve,

If you go to the config.php page within the theme folders, there is an array called "$csq_replace[]".  By default it has 5 indexes filled.  So you will need to add your CSQ names in the order they appear in your database into the array. 

What this array does is overwrites the values in your database for display purposes.  This is for when your csq names in the database aren't user friendly, and you want to display an easier to read version. 

For the Logo, you will need to change the image name in those module's index pages (ie: modules/notification/index.php).  It is the first div element block under .

I will update the source with fixed index pages for those modules as the logo names differ, hence your issue.

Thank You for your comments.

EDIT: For clarification, the csq_replace[] array does not overide the database values, but the wallboard will display the array values rather then the values found in the database.

Hi Chirs,

Is there anyway the application can pick up the queue names and populated on the screen by default.


Debra Chittick


I'm currently experiencing an issue on our wallboard.  It has different stats than the Real Time Monitoring Reporting tool and the Current Wait Time will not populate. I've rebooted the UCCX servers and restarted the apache service on the web server. I checked on the real time tables and they do contain the information int he Real Time Monitoring Reporting tool. Can any give me a direction of where to look for the issue.

Thank you,


Screenshot below of the differences:



Are there any way to list out statistics, avg and longest of last one hour instead of one day?

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