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Pre Attendant Console Menu

Hi All,

Can anyone please explain how I might be able to place a Menu in front of my main line (or possibly another solution), which is handled by my attendant console.  I am trying to accomplish the following.  When a caller dials my main number they will receive a menu which presents the caller with options, ex. press 1 for ..... press 2 for ...... press 0 for.....   Any suggestions, solutions is greatly appreciated.                   

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Pre Attendant Console Menu


Do you have unity ( any type of unity (CUC, Unity Express) you can do a script to recieve the calls then from the extension you can forward the calls to another script or scripts.



Pre Attendant Console Menu

Please forgive me, I'm kind of a Newbie, Yes I do have Unity, however, I'm not really sure how to configure a script in Unity. I typically use Cisco Unified CCX Editor (CUCE) to write or modify scripts which I use in conjuction with UCCX applications.  Are you suggesting I use CUCE to write a script for Unity?  If so how do I associate the script with the main number in unity?  Again, I appologize, I don't have a lot of experience in this area.  I am actually taking over for our Administrator  who is no longer with the company. If you could provide step by step scenario that would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

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Pre Attendant Console Menu

You have 2 options here:

1. use Unity to construct the menu via CALL HANDLER, you can find plenty of documentation on how to do that  and it is very trivial (no need for scripts), I would recommend this solution due to its simplicity and so that you don't waste IVR ports on UCCX.

2. Build UCCX script and send the calls to this application/scripts first and then simply use call redirect step to send to attendant, etc

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