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Hi,We have a UCCX Express system consisting of 2 servers that has 60 CTI ports and is licensed for 300 IVR ports. Does this mean I am licensed up to 300 CTI ports? Or are the IVR ports and CTI ports licensed separately? If I wish to increase the exis...

Hi, we have multiple cisco devices on our network such as ASA, PIX, 3560s, 3750s, 6500s and more. Will these devices be synch OK with the NTP server if it is rebooted for the coming leap-second? Basically are there any kbnown issues with cisco device...

HI AllDoes anyone happen to know how the crystal reports in the uccx 8.5 historial reports work?  For example, I opened the agent summary report and it seems to be calling a stored procedure called sp_agent_summary however I don't see any select stat...

Hi          ThereWe are using uccx 7 and I try to a simple script to get data from an xml file, when I try to debug the script, I always get the access deny message, please see the attachment.The xml file the script tries to access is saved in the Re...

yixiu0317 by Beginner
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Dear All,In our call centre we are using a recording system (voice) which is receiving the event from call manager through TAPI, paralelly as we know Call Manager PG also connected to same call manager through JTAPI. having small doubt about this con...

hello to all , I have UCCX version 7.0(2)_Build254 , recently the server was moved bettween buildings and changed the IP address . Now the Cisco unified ccx editor can not work , when I tried to log me in its show me the OLD ip address .Can you give ...

hugomdbaez by Beginner
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I have deployed Cisco WFO 8.5.2 into my UCCX environment for always on recording of agents. I have added CR licenses to allow recording from non agents but what I cannot figure out for the life of me is how to configure them to record on demand inste...

donmitswv by Beginner
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Hi NetProI have a UCCX 8.X new instalation and when start the configuration wirzard at Cisco CM Configuration, put the AXL Service Provider, Unified CM Telephony Provider and RmCm Provider click next and the web interface does not respond.In the CUCM...

I have a setup of UXXC on virtual UCS and have installed IP Phone Agent for use rather than CAD. This is working fine but the agents are asking me to display which CSQ the call is being presented from.  Is this possible?