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Problem adding instance in ICM Web Setup

Hey experts, i've been trying to add instance in web setup but. idk  what's wrong coz whenever i click on add button nothing happend i can't even add router logger or anything except login, i have installed ICM 10.0 and one more thing i installed ICM on VM windows server 2008, on my server when i click on by default web sertup icon desktop it didn't load anything am accessing my web setup on laptop windows 10 with VM IP(, i thought maybe i coukd be error, my instance on ICM is successfully added 

VIP Collaborator

yes exactly, what should i do

If it is that defect, have you tried downloading the ES that is linked in it?

i didn't find any link in that

I'm not allowed to post it here, but if you look at that defect, you should see a link to an ES that I'm guessing addresses the issue?

Thanks for the help but i was unable to downlod that ES so i moved to ICM11.0 and on this i didn't get any error, but still thanks btw am newbie am trying to install UCCE for lab or test purpose, i created Domain Controller on one machine and install sql 2014 and icm11.0 on the other machine but am confuses what should i install next btw i installed CUCM on ther machine too how can i integrate CUCM with UCCE

You can certainly integrate UCM with UCCE so that your agents use UCM for the phones, but there's a lot you'll want to understand how it all fits together. If you're going to try version 11, I'd start with the design guide so you get the overview of all that will be needed.

Best recommendation open in console with Domain Admin user and run the web setup.


 open Domain manager and check the Permissions for Facility & Instance – under config & setup add a member of Domain Admin or ICM Installer user.



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