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QM2020 - Network recording devices have calls with missing SIP messages and have not been recorded.



We started getting the QM2020 error lately stating a user is not being recorded due to missing SIP messages.

We get roughly 10 a day at random times depending on the polling intervals. The polling period is roughly every 15 minutes.

Configuration is duplicate to users not getting this QM2020 messages only difference here is obviously they belong to different less busy queue's.


It's mainly just some calls not being recorded during the polling period specified by the QM server. The issue here is that all the configuration is correct for the affected users, but because at least one call has not been recorded during almost every polling period, we get spammed.


A lot of the users are part of our Customer Services team  which take a lot of calls – perhaps volume of calls has a correlation here? (If so how can we check if that is the case, would it be in the QM log files and if it is there which ones would one need to check to see why we get this?)


Report: QM MANA Notifications
Date: November 30 2020 05:19 PM
Polling Period: November 30 2020 04:19 PM - November 30 2020 05:19 PM
QM2020 - Network recording devices have calls with missing SIP messages and have not been recorded.
Description: This notification occurs when a phone is configured for Network Recording in QM but no SIP messages are received from UCCM. This likely indicates the configuration of the phone in UCCM is not correct.
Recommendation: Verify UCCM Configuration is correct for the phone - BIB is turned on for the phone, Automatic Recording is set for the line with the correct Recording Profile. See Installation Guide for full instructions on configuring Network Recording in UCCM.
The detailed list below shows individual instance of problems found and described in the summary.

QM2020 - Network recording devices have calls with missing SIP messages and have not been recorded.
The Summary section contains issues that were found during this MANA polling period and recommendations to resolve them. See Details section for individual users or phones where these Problems were found. If notification of a Problem is not required, notification for the Problem can be turned off using QM Administrator ? System Configuration - Monitoring and Notification. Move any ''Enabled Problems? to ''Available Problems? as needed. Once turned off no notifications will appear for the problem until it is turned on again. Many MANA notifications are available from the System Status Report or User Status Report.
Notification Levels
- QM1xxx notifications indicate a global outage that may affect recording of the entire system.
- QM2xxx notifications indicate individual outages that may affect recording of individual users.
- QM3xxx notifications indicate a possible configuration problem. These may not point to an actual issue and you may want to turn these off to avoid unnecessary notifications.
- QM4xxx notifications indicate a problem within MANA itself that prevents a check from being made so a Problem may not be reported.

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