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Remove buttons from CAD Supervisor toolbar

Kartik Bhatia
Level 1
Level 1
UCCE 9 CAD 9 I know we can remove Agent buttons from CDA -> CAD-Agent work flow -> User Interface section. How to remove buttons from CAD Supervisor toolbar please? Like Recording. If not possible, is it possible to Disable / Grey out a button. I am looking to remove / disable VoIP Monitoring and Record buttons please? Thanks, Kartik Bhatia
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Level 1
Level 1

Can you try this:

  1. Go to CAD Admin web page
  2. Services Configuration-> Remove VoIP/Recording & Playback Services


Make sure that there are no IP addresses of any servers in the Recording & Playback Service menu. If there are some, select them and press ‘Remove’ button to remove them.


Please make sure that you close CSD, CAD completely and login back to see the changes. I haven’t tried this before but I think this would disable the recording buttons in CSD. I don’t know whether it needs CAD services restarts(all).