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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


RONA/Scripting Errors

So, when calling into this one script, sometimes, when the calls RONA's the call will loop and 1 call will turn into hundreds. 

Fail out of my queue to skill ->(IF) call.requerystatus>0 -> (if) call.peripheralvariable10<3 , fail goes to release the call, and succeed-> (set variable) call.peripheralvariable 9 = RONA -> (set variable) Call.peripheralvariable 10 = peripheralvariable10 + 1 back to the queue, succeed onto MOH.

This is a temporary fix so the calls and reporting doesn't get too out of control, but would like to fix this so I don't need a counter on PV10. Can anyone give input on what may be causing this?  Is this a connection problem between finesse and the AW? A scripting problem? Or an agent problem (I realize the point of a call center is to route calls to the agents not for agents to ignore the calls and route to a different agent.)  This seems to be the only script experiencing this problem and seems to happen when ICM is loading or a caller aborts in queue. Before I open a TAC case I wanted to get some input. Thank you in advance for your replies!



Hi, can you identify one

Hi, can you identify one particular call showing such symptoms? We might need to take a look at the Router Log Viewer and also the RCD and TCD records to see what and why it happened.



Attached are some screenshots

Attached are some screenshots.

1. "highvolume2" is a screenshot of the scripts when they were happening, when I put the PV10 + 1 and the if statement to see if PV10 is less than 3, it obviously stops the high RONA count. 

2. "2" is a screenshot of the Router Log viewer (ANI - 5103344727, DNIS- 6506528720)

Thank you for your response.



Hi, I am afraid I am still

Hi, I am afraid I am still not sure whether I got it right.

Here's what I would do:

1. use a Select node combined with a Skill Group node to try and send the call to any available agent. Use the default LAA algorithm.

2. If Select fails, let's queue the call (using the Queue node, but without target requery).

And then set RONA options on the Agent Desk Settings level.

Also, I noticed there are ??? in the Router Log Viewer. Did it act like this since the beginning or does this show only for such "RONA" calls?



I'm new to this environment,

I'm new to this environment, but as long as I've been here (3 weeks) I've seen it (???) occur everyday, not just for RONAs, haven't been able to figure out the culprit.

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