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Root access to CLI in VVB

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Level 1


Does anyone know the process of enabling root user access on VVB CLI? 


I've enabled and created the remote account (remote_account create rootuser 30). However, the below weblink to allow creating the password from the passphrase does not work.




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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

VVB, as with every other Cisco Collaboration product built atop the VOS image, is a sealed appliance. Bash shell access is restricted to Cisco TAC personnel and even then they must have a defect ID where the workaround requires shell access to enable it. They are also expressly prohibited from giving the customer/partner the remote Support password as well. The Cisco platform CLI is all you get (it’s a Java input interpreter).

Hi Jonathan.


Thanks for your reply, and yes I understand the lock down. This is actually to replace a jar file under Cisco's request to see if it fixes a bug. I have a defect etc, and have asked TAC about unlocking in order to replace the file.  The post was more about the failed link to obtain password from the passphrase.  I just wondered if anyone was aware of a new link to get this done. If they prohibit this, it looks like they will have to remotely connect to us. TAC are being a bit slow in responding to my question. Sorry I should have been more descriptive.


TAC will need to replace that JAR file for you over a WebEx. The tool you’re referencing is only accessible to Cisco enployees; I believe it requires a VPN connection.