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Run callback script automatically

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I write a script for callback purpose. it is wirking correctly. the only problem is that it needs trigger to be dialed. I want a way that script runs automatically without dialing its trigger number.

any help will be appricated.


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Aaron Harrison
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VIP Alumni


You need to post more detail if you want help - who does the script call back? And why? Based on what information? etc.


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our company needs this service for advertisement. I put some numbers in SQL and write scripts which reads this number from SQL and call them via "place call". when customer pick up the phone, IVR plays to them and if they want they can press 1 for transfer to our sales department.

so know I have to dial my application triggers to run this script. I want a way that this scripts runs automatically without dialing any trigger number.



What product are you using? UCCX? UCCE?

UCCX has a built-in outbound dialling function; I believe in 8.5 this has been enhanced with outbound IVR functionality but I'm not overly familiar with that new part.

The 8.0 outbound feature works similar to what you have created, except the calls are passed to CAD, which dials - the agent has the option of accepting/reejcting the call, and is put straight through to the cust rather than a machine. May be worth considering that rather than developing something custom.

I'd certainly look into what is possible with the Outbound IVR feature.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!


Aaron is right about the outbound feature but if you want to continue using your outbound scripts and want them to be triggered at a certain hour everyday, a way to achieve that is to create an http trigger ( I guess you have the premium license), and trigger it with a cron in a linux machine or server (if you have one) that calls the complete url of your http trigger.

Here are some examples about cron

With wget command you can call the url: