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Script segment to "override" DST for Arizona contact center?



We have a small contact center site in Arizona that does not observe daylight savings time, and all other sites on this CM cluster/CUCCX server do observe DST. Any suggestions on how I could configure a script section that would negate the effects of DST? We currently go into the script twice a year and manually change business hours. There's gotta be a better way...



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Your post implies you run UCCX7. Do you think you could convince your customer to upgrade to UCCX8? There are new fields in the UCCX8 Day of Week and Time of Day steps to deal with timezones. In your case, TZ[America/Phoenix] ought to do what you need.

Thanks for the info! We are in the process of preparing to upgrade, so that's something to look forward to. We are currently running 7.0(1)SR05_Build504. I was hoping to find an interrim solution that would work with our current version. Any ideas on that?

If your UCCX is licensed for Enhanced or Premium, it's possible but ugly. You'd need two things, a check to see if the UCCX server is observing DST right now, and then both sets of Time of Day steps to branch to depending on the result. Include your Day of Week step as well, if the timezone differential would cause you to trip across day boundaries.

The code would look something like this: (mostly untested)

  • Add a new boolean variable DSTActive
  • Set DSTActive using the following expression, substituting your server timezone for America/New_York if it's not in the Eastern time zone. Use Chicago, Denver or Los_Angeles for Central, Mountain and Pacific respectively.

     TimeZone TZObj = TimeZone.getTimeZone("America/New_York");
     return TZObj.inDaylightTime(new Date());

  • If DSTActive
    • True: Call your Time of Day step with your DST-on offset hours
    • False: Call your Time of Day step with your DST-off normal hours

If your UCCX is only licensed for Standard, it's still possible but even uglier. You'd use the same branch logic to pick a Time of Day step, but determining if DST is active would be really convoluted. I could see if I can cobble something up if there's a serious need.

Thanks again for the info - we're running enhanced, so I'll take a shot at the DSTActive vairiable you mentioned. I'm hoping we can get the upgrade underway by the end of the year. It's just a lot of prep work since 8 relies on CM being 8 as well. We have 10 prod clusters and about 130,000 users, so upgrading CM is always a pretty lentghy process.

I really appreciate your feedback!


Landon Birkholz

United Health Group IT


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