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Hello,We've run into a little bit of an issue.  We're rolling out a few small call centers using UCCX8 and are having a problem getting the Historical Reporter to run correctly.  We install the reporter as an admin but the client has limited rights o...

ecornwell by Explorer
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Hi,I have IPCCE 7.0 setup with IP/IVR 7.0. Currently setup is running with single language option but there is requirement for one other regional language option for callers. Nuance ASR also being used for voice recognition.Should we use the same scr...

Hello,I have a customer whom i was upgrading his contact center from 7.5 to 8.0 , he has a seperated PG's from the loggers so there is no SQL server installed on the PG's , the CAD server 7.2 resides on the PG's , the upgrade to version 8.0 for the w...

hi, I need some input on managing the dialing list table (DL_xxxx_xxxx) ie i would like to delete records based on few conditions. But i will be removing the records whose status is 'Pending', meaning not sent to the dialer.Have anyone tried this o...

Hi,Can we achieved  whisper to  the agent ( Like this is Sales Call or Maintenance call ) prior to call delivery and answer by IPCCE with IPVIR.Does anyone have a workaround or ideas on this? Is it possible with any IPCCE with IVR solution. I know it...

Okay, I'm having a problem.Using Microsoft Access and ODBC connectivity to the queries on the AWDB, I have been able to successfully re-create the Agent Consolidated Daily Report.Now I am trying to re-create the Agent Team Consolidated Daily Report a...

acombest19 by Beginner
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hello all,This morning we had an issue with call coming into our uccx. i gad to stop crs and reboot server. all went well with that. however now the monitoring function is not working at all. you get the generic monitoring error, but all of these wor...

safety2008 by Enthusiast
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We are seeing a delay of over 3 minutes in the outbound dialer for each call to presented to a ready agent in the outbound preview dialer with UCCX 5.0Agents see this when they go from Work to Ready. We have confirmed that there are records in the d...