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Sh Call data in in a pop up or XMl like abandoned calls etc.

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Level 1

I have UCCX Epress 7.1 and I would like to be able to display call data for that the agents can view without giving them supervisor view.

So real time statistics somehow, Abandoned calls, total calls, calls handled, and so on. I am thinking I can do this through XML or a pop up somehow.

The information that is in CSQ Cisco COntact Center express Stats that Real Time reporting shows in UCCX would be great but it shows all queue's . I would like them to see just their own queue stats.

Thank you!!


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Gergely Szabo
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VIP Alumni


well, actually, it's possible. For instance, you can show some interesting stats on the display of the IP phone. Or build a web based reporting app. Chances are you don't even have to do SQL if you have UCCX Premium. Could you please give us more details.


Cisco Application Administration - 7.0(2)ES07_Build070

Is the stats on the phone through XML ? What other info do you need?

Yes, XML.

What I need is a list of information you would like to show the agent and the point of view (per agent, per group etc).


And please also tell me whether it is Premium, Standard or Enhanced (so that I know if HTTP triggers are possible).


It is the enhanced version. I think what we would like to see is the        "Total Contacts"   "Contacts Waiting [Oldest in queue]"     "Contacts handled"    "Contacts Abandoned"  "Contacts Dequeued"  "Longest wait duration" and "Longest talk duration"

I would like to display this for 1 CSQ. Say CSQ_Central_Sched

Hi, unfortunately, HTTP triggers are not supported in Enhanced.

Anyway, information is available in the SQL Server database. The schema guides are here:

What you need to do is to play around a little with SQL queries then use a web based app to generate XML for the phones.

Most of the reporting information is available (or can made be available) for a UCCX script as well, and so it's easy to set up an application, with a HTTP trigger that would roun this script and generate the necessary information. Unfortunately, as I said, HTTP and SQL queries for scripts are available for Premium only.