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SUB:Regd PRI Utilization for UCCX

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Hi All,

We have a UCCX 8.0 running with CUCM 8.0. and we got 3 pri's where 2 PRI's are used for Contact center purpose. And 1 PRI is used for domestic user's purpose. Some times customers are saying that when they call the toll free number they are getting an fast beep. Which is telling us that as soon as the 2 PRI's are getting full, the calls are getting  disconnected. But customer want to know how frequently the calls are getting disconnected,.or else how frequently the 2 PRI's are getting full. So based upon that he is planning for additional PRI's. So what is the way to find out the PRI's Utilization. for the past days. Current can be taken from the Supervisor desktop where supervisors can monitor. We want to have the past data.

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Level 4

You can run daily trunk utilization reports in the CDR analysis and reporting module in CUCM. You can get to it through servicability.

Once you have CDR reporting up, click on Device Reports / Route Plan / Route and Line Group Utilization. Select the route patterns that correspond with your PRIs and run a report for a single day, then look for the busy hour. This will give you your highest utilization rate for the day. Do not be tempted to run a report for a longer timeframe that one day. If you do, you will get average utilization for the timeframe.

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Does it give the report for incoming calls. Let me check on this.

It will show both incoming and outgoing traffic on the PRI.