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All,   Who would have ever thought this was a challenge..  I am trying to find a way to put how many rows were returned by a database read step into a variable somehow, so I know whether there was 0 rows returned / 1 row returned or more then 1 for u...

Could anyone point me on document which describe hot to correctly setup CAD to work with Cisco EIM. As I understand it is possible to open EIM home page(http://eim/default) in CAD integrated browser. Is it possible to configure single login for CAD ...

jevgep by Level 1
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Hey Guys,I need your help to understand the step by step process for creating configurable action element.What i am trying to do is to have element which will take a parameter (Key) and then in the backend it will access SQL DB and fetch matching row...

Hi,We are running IPPA w/ CVP 7.0.2 (h323), ICM 7.5.8, CM 7.1.5 and CAD 7.5.1. We are are experiencing an issue w/ the queue stats not updating on the phone.  The phone service refreshes every 10 seconds, but the data never changes.  Previously it wo...

I have a 2 scripts each with a different CTI RP. Script 1 is CSQ1 and Script 2 is for CSQ2. We have the same agents who are assigned to both skillsets. They log in under a single Agent ID. However when I run reports now we see multiple instances of t...

iptuser55 by Level 6
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Hello,I'm troubleshooting a problem, and saw a thread that told me to restart a particular service.  Which got me thinking about a general questions..We have a two node HA UCCX8 cluster.  If I need to restart a particular service, what's the order?  ...

Hi all,Which field in ICM database depicts the maximum number of attempts (for a certain record) dialer contacts a certain customer if it gets a busy tone, no answer, etc..Regards,

Dear all,I installed UCCX first node first and add second node at server, and uploaded license, assinged app admin from CUCM user.After doing post installation, then I did second node installation.I went through post installation of second node.When ...

best2sons by Level 1
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