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Text messaging integration - optimal provider?


I am looking for Text messaging integration. My first hint was to look at Twillio but no go; I would like a full integration solution for SocialMiner with the SMS gateway API of course but also with the Finesse gadget so that the agent experience is seamless just like it is with voice calls and e-mail/web chat.

The only type of product so far that I have seen is Webtext. Does anyone have experience with them; obviously the technical side is of interest but the economics are important too.

Thank you


David Moore

We are looking into this as well. I called in and while the Sales folks were a little brusk and aggressive, tech support was pretty good. We got a quote for 30 users that seemed very reasonable. Have not done the integration yet but seems not too bad. I need to run socialminer install and get this going for a couple of different customers as well.

We were looking at Tropo but that has a minimum that is a bit expensive.

Webtext is the only economical solution I have come across. Update this thread if you find something.

Thanks connacht350 - I reached out to them but we're way too small: 6 agents and they seemed uninterested to sell us their product. That's cool; I will keep looking for a low-end vendor. What I did gather is that they pipe the service as a "web chat" on the UCCX and that's how it is presented to the agents. That's a legit design; I was afraid they somehow pipe it via the e-mail interface

Ah yes. It is a gadget. Linked through Socialminer integration. That's odd they seem uninterested as we are around 10 agents or so on one deployment.

I ran through a dCloud scenario and Cisco actually uses Webtext in that scenario. Does MMS and SMS which is good, but our customer needs things like appointment reminders which is going to require some other things in the mix.



Can you tell me the Cisco dcloud lab you scheduled to check the SMS campaign.


Tango Networks provides a message to SMS conversion service for Cisco Jabber and Cisco WebEx Teams:



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