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UCCX 11.6 & Oracle 19c

Hello, Is anyone here using UCCX 11.6 with Oracle 19c. Our DB team is upgrading Oracle database from 12c to 19c, I have had no experience in integrating 3rd party database?


I wanted to check if anyone has had this experience and maybe share some thoughts on steps or procedure to follow?


Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

What are you trying to accomplish as UCCX uses an internal Informix database. If you are just trying to link / copy data, I believe the Oracle Database Gateways for Informix should be able to be configured to copy the tables. I have not done this with Oracle, but do so with MS SQL so its likely possible.

Thanks Mike, i should have explained better with more information. UCCX has connection to Oracle Database server which has customer data - registration number, etc. So when customer call comes in it can do lookup for customer using some the information in the database.


In short we have existing connection to Oracle 12c and now are upgrading to 19c, there's no document disputing or supporting compatibility questions. So wanted to check if anyone has been through the similar path before...

Do you know what UCCX is using to lookup the information - is it just a DB Read from the script? If so as long as the connection method / protocols and structure are not changing, then I see no reason why it would not continue to work.

As far as compatibility, this is in line with the type of customization that is not likely to be considered for any compatibility, documentation, etc. and technically unsupported configuration. So while it may work, Cisco is unlikely to have any notes or docs on it.

Now, there really only one way to be sure - is to have a staging UCCX and Oracle setup and test it out before going into production.
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