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UCCX 11.x Post Call Treatment Survey - Same script send calls to two different survey applications


Client has been using postcalltretment survey for some time and all is working.  The need has arose to send callers to two different survey apps from for reporting purposes so that survey result can be tracked for different queues/groups.  I am attempting to use the Set step to set PostCallTreatment final string variable to one of two different extensions based on the destination CSQ but the set step on a final string is failing "unable to parse expression; invalid final identifier.  


I realize there are other ways of programming this, however using the SET step would be the easiest.  


Right now the final string variable is hard coded to that of the extension of the survey which is 3599 as show in this popular reference


How can a final string variable be changed using SET step or another method?  As I see it the value of final string PostCallTreatment needs to be able to change because the Expanded Call Variable must be PostCallTreatment 

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Sean Lynch
Rising star
Rising star
Are you still having trouble with this issue? I may be able to assist.
Uncheck the "Final" checkbox, or assign a different string variable name to/for the dialed number extension--to which you can assign the trigger extension (be it string or final string).
By definition, a "final" string cannot be changed.

I have tried extended PostCallTreatment but unfortunately didn't work. would some give support in this.

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