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UCCX 7 recording plays back as silence

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I already read through all available posts about this topic. The silent monitoring works fine, however no success with recording. Here's the issue:

UCCX 7 Enhanced with CUCM 7.1, all calls are recorded automatically within a workflow with Record Start and Stop actions triggered with Answer and Dropped call actions.

If I sniff the traffic using wireshark on the agents machine I see the following:

- RTP traffic duplicated from the phone (source and destination addresses are the two IP phones) coming to agents PC, the 802.1q tag is visible (correct voice VLAN number)

- if I use Wireshark to analyze/save those RTP streams I can save them as an .au file and I hear the conversation, ie the call is copied correctly to the agents PC. On both the phones, and in Wireshark the codec is identified as G.711u

- a few seconds after the RTP traffic starts coming in, the agents PC starts sending UDP files to the UCCX server's ports 59500 and 595001 (I guess because of the two streams, one port for every stream)

- the recording files are in the right folder, and they are larger then 1KB, proportional to the recording length

- I can see the recordings in the Supervisor Recording Viewer, when I play it I dont hear anything, if I play and save them to a wav file, same thing, plays silence

Phone settings on the CUCM seem to be fine if I am seeing the RTP streams coming to the agents PC.

Tried postinstall.exe, just reppalied same settings, no change.

Network card on the agents PC is Intel 82566MM, which I changed the registry putting in the MonitorModeEnabled=1. Since I can see the VLAN tags I guess this shouldn't be the problem anymore?

Tried almost every single thing mentioned in this forum and cco (even twice), no joy.

Is there anyone there that have the slightest idea where to look next?



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Did you ever find a solution? I'm running into the same thing right now

Aaron Harrison
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VIP Alumni


If you can see the traffic in Wireshark then you are at least half way there...

There is still a lot that could go wrong though.

Does CAD actually recognise the packets? Have a look in the logs c:\program files\cisco\desktop\log - it will note if packets are being seen or not


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I know CAD is recognizing the packets because silent monitoring works.

So have you verified that the recorded files on the server contain data?

Have you checked that they play back if you export them using the raw2wav utility?

When you attempt playback using the Supervisor, can you see packets being received in packet captures?


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

I am on UCCX 8 and have the same problem.  I can download the files from the ccx server and convert them and they play fine in media player.  The problem is that I cannot play or save from the Supervisor module.

I do see something a lot of packets marked  'Port unreachable' in wireshark.  I have attached a screenshot of that.

CCX server:


Any ideas?


Hello Pete,

Looks like the server sends the UDP traffic to the CSD but CSD replies with ICMP Destination Port Unreachable.

This means that something in on the CSD PC is not allowing the ports used for monitoring to be opened when clicking the Start Monitoring button. You can use netstat command and will see that ports 59010 - 59013 are not open/listening on the supervisor PC.

- Please make sure there are no firewall or security software running on the CSD.

- The best way to confirm is to use a newly installed Windows machine and only install CSD. You'll see that monitoring works there, then you can add the rest of your software and keep testing until you'll find the one blocking the ports.

Hope that helps!


Ok, I setup a vanilla XP machine and the supervisor can play the recordings just fine.  Any ideas on how to determine why any of our imaged PCs are not allowing the ports to be open.  I have turned down the Windows firewall and Microsoft Forefront.


great! I think now you can start installing the applications in your corp image one by one and test the monitoring every time.. until you find one application breaks the monitoring. You can start with anti-virus, spyware, malware, etc... or any security software as most possible cause of problems. Depending on the software you can see if an update fix the problem or contact the manufacturer for support.

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Did anyone ever find particular Applications that created this issue? I have the same issue on 7.1 with XP only. Windows 7 works fine.

I had to enable the QOS RSVP service on WIndows XP to fix this issue.


This is most definitely the fix for this issue. I believe the requirement for this service has changed from prior versions(we were at version 5) to version 7. it would be nice if Cisco was aware of this. I've had a TAC case open for a month and the engineer always points to it being a software conflict, when really it's an operating System REQUIREMENT change. Thank you pruttman! You are a genius!

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