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UCCX 8 wallboard Query


I have had good luck modifying most existing wallboard and or custom report to work with 8.x  I am creating a select statement to return some needed agent data for a wallboard.  To do this I am using the informix driver and the uccxhruser.  I am able to retrieve data from the agentstatedetal and agentconnectiondetail tables. Unfortunately I am not able to retrieve data from the resource table.  I believe I should have read access to this table with the uccxhruser correct?  This is the error from my visual studio.

In order to make my statement work I need data from resourceid, resourcetype, resourcename, and assignedteamid.  Is there another database user that would have read access to this table?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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I believe I figured out my issue, it seems that the uccxhruser does not have access to the "resource" table.  I also have tried the uccxworkforce user but neither had access to that table.  The main reason I need the resource table is to map the first and last name to the resourceid.  I believe this is the only table where I can get this mapping. 

Anyone have a better way to map the resource first and last name with the resourceid?


I'm real new to this but I was able to use the uccxhruser to access the resource table. I am using the IBM Informix Client-SDK 3.50. I have attached photos of the setup. Also I am using IBM Data Studio 2.2 Stand-alone (free) and this is also using the same uccxhruser. Hope this helps! I'm running UCCX version 8.0.2.

The uccxhruser has limited access to the tables in UCCX 8.0. The SU2 update gives the uccxhruser full read access to all the tables in db_cra and db_cra_replication



hruser for historical stats and wallboarduser for real time stats. 

Resource, ACD, AgentStateDetail, ContactCallDetail - these are the tables from where you can consolidate almost all kind of statistics regarding Call, Agent, Skill Group.

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