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UCCX - CRM Integration


How can I integrate UCCX with Sugar CRM ??


Any documents available or any CTI Connectors reccomented ?? Please let me know.


Following are the requirements -
(1) Integrate Cisco UCCX with Sugar CRM. UCCX should be able to send Phone number or other details which it can collect using the scripts to Sugar CRM and validate the info.
(2) We have a custom build application, once a new rental is booked in that application an automated call has to be generated and send to customer through UCCX for an Automated Telephony survey.
         (2a) Should get customer feedback and send that DATA back to the                            application or the CRM.
         (2b) If the customer press a particular number a call should generate and                    connect to Customer Care.
 (3) Once a call center agent finishes the call, an automated call should go to the        customer for Automated Telephony survey.

Please help in finding solutions for these requests.


Many thanks 



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Gergely Szabo


about 1: as far as I know there is a REST-like API available for Sugar. Are you planning to use it?

RE 2: this can be done using simple UCCX scripting.

RE 3: this can be too done using simple scripting.

So can you tell us where you got stuck?


Hi Gregely,


Thank you for replying.

Sugar team was suggesting REST API but our business has rejected use of API.


I've decided to try 'CISCO AGENT DESKTOP WEB INTEGRATION ACTION'. Found a document in CAD-ThirdParty Integration. Should I get the HTTP link from from the SUGAR CRM Team ?? What all details should I get from Sugar CRM team ?


But for Automated calling, I'm confused on how that is going to work -


From Our custome built application, which is having postgres database, a call has to be triggered and the customer number supplied by the application to UCCX - and all the details gathered from the call has to be send back to the application ? Please advice me on how the backend works.

Also for the third questions as well.

Can I have your contact information as I can contact you through gtalk or skype.


I'm having uccx version 9.0.2 with enhanced license. going through the documnets I think I require Premium license for making automate calls ?


Please guide me through this.Requesting your kind help.


Many thanks,




RE 1: yes, you can use the HTTP action within the CAD but I am not convinced this is the right way. Either way, what you need to get is the HTTP link where you can send GET or POST parameters. Please note that CAD uses an embedde IE "frame".


RE 2: I would recommend this approach:

1. your custom built application performs a HTTP request, triggering an application in UCCX,

2. UCCX script initiates a call,

3. if the call is connected, an IVR is presented to the customer and information is collected,

4. information is persisted into a database.

This would need a UCCX Premium license indeed (HTTP triggers are available in Premium only). Also please note that UCCX can be integrated with Oracle DB, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase only, so you might need to use a HTTP to DB proxy application if you want to save the collected information in a Postgres database.

Naturally, once the call is connected and the customer chooses to talk to Customer Care then the script can send the call to an agent or any extension.


RE 3: I recommend this approach:

1. agent or customer disconnects the call,

2. a custom built application takes  a look in the appropriate table within the UCCX database, filters out interesting information, including the telephone number of the customer (there are other interesting possibilities as well, for instance, you can take every other or every fifth call or talk to only customers within your geographic area, etc).

3. information is used to trigger a HTTP application in UCCX.

The rest is described in the previous section.


This is going to be an interesting project and I wish you good luck with it.

You can find all my contact information in my profile or at



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