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UCCX - CUIC sync issue after upgrade to version 12.5

Customer has a UCCX cluster, they upgraded UCCX system ver 11.6 to System version:

Since system was upgraded they are having temporary issues with agents creation.

Once they create properly an agent, agent can log in into finesse with no issue but they get immediately this error message:

"Failed to load the gadget. Authentication endpoint is not reachable. Please contact your Administrator". (Please see attached file)

And agents are unable to run/receive calls

We have:

a) Changed browser and computer.

b) Cleared browser cache.

It seems that CUIC is not syncing up with UCCX properly.

But after one day agents are able to login into finesse and sync properly with CUIC, and they are able to take calls.

Do you now if there is an special automatic process that runs everyday that complete this sync process?

Is there a manual command we could run ( during office hours) that could force this CCX<--> CUIC sync process.?

I appreciate your help.



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Level 4
Level 4

utils uccx synctocuic all
Cisco TAC just ran this on my Pub  (dont remember the  'all' at the end when TAC did it - someone else had given me that command), 

Another person posted that depending on your size , may eat up some CPU, might want to do it during a bit of a slack time.

When TAC ran it on my PUB , it was during the day and caused no disruption, and they didn't even ask if volume is high or mentioned anything about disruption or eating up CPU. 

Is it HA setup?

I had issues related to CUIC after UCCX upgrade from 11.6.2 to 12.5.1

Login into CUIC and see if there is any warning/error related to cluster setup. If yes, then check 'utils cuic cluster show' from CLI, If it's multicast, change it to TCP/IP using command 'utils cuic cluster mode'

Then check if the User capabilities on CUIC > Users page are correct for couple of supervisors and agents. 

You can also try to change user capabilities from UCCX admin page and see if the changes are getting replicated to CUIC, if not then it would generate an RTMT alert as soon as changes fail, which should show more details about the problem. In my case it was related to tomcat. So restarting Tomcat service fixed it for me. If errors are related to authorization then check if the CUIC superuser is still correct after the upgrade.
run sql select * from cuic_data:cuicuser where name like 'CUIC%'


a) Here output from utils cuic cluster show

Cluster mode of this node : tcp-ip
Cluster members (as seen by this node):

b) No warning/error when I login to CUIC.

c) When I change users on CCX admin, change does not appear on CUIC, and from CCX admin I got this message:

"Error occurred while performing the operation. Please contact your System Administrator. You may refer to Application Administration logs for more details."

User change is implemented on CCX admin, but it does not appear on CUIC. 

I will try to get RTMT logs, but any idea will be welcomed




As soon as you make changes to any user which fails on CUIC, there would an event generated in RTMT. That would tell you what the problem is. 

Level 1
Level 1

I have to run utils uccx synctocuic occasionally to get changes over to CUIC