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UCCX - Finess v11.5 - Agent not able to see New Agents


Well, I am hopeful someone has run into this similar issue before.  Was not successful in my Cisco Community search nor google.

I have one agent that not able to see any of our newly employed agents in Finesse, ONLY our veteran agents.


Here is what I have done/tried:

1) Compared settings to others that are seeing all agents (newly employed as well as the veteran agents)

     a) found a few differences and made those changes, saved them, and performed a data sync as well as a JTAPI Resync

2) Once sync & resync were completed, had agent logoff Finesse as well as their phone for good measure


Unfortunately, received same results.


We are using UCCX and Finesse v11.5 via the web browser application IF that helps.


Any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Roger Kallberg
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert

What do you mean by see other agents? If possible could you please share screenshots to show what you mean?

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Hi Roger,

This is what I mean...I hope this helps.

Are all put in the same team?

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Yes, all are in the same team and placed there.  I have doubled checked as well as removed user from this group and re-added saving/updating each change as well as data sync and JTAPI Resync.

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