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Shobhit Sinha

UCCX Patch upgrade from to 9.0.2 SU3

Hi All,

We are upgrading the patch in UCCX from  to 9.0.2 SU3. Due to below issues : -

  • Cant lock the screen size in the embedded browser in CAD in current version of UCCX

Queries : -

  • Is this issue fixed in UCCX version 9.0.2 SU3?
  • How to do the rollout of new CAD from UCCX.We have 100 agents in different locations?
  • If we will do the manual rollout - Do we have to put the UCCX IP address again in CAD or it will just take it from previous CAD which was installed in PC





1) No idea whether it's fixed. Do you have a bug ID for this issue? Why have you chosen 9.0.2SU3 if you don't know it's fixed in that version?

2) You can do the client upgrade several ways:

- Manually 

- If your users have admin rights, you can allow it to automatically upgrade when they attempt to log in. YOu should notify your users this will happen anyway.

- Automatically - use whatever your organisation uses to push upgrades generally. If you have multiple locations and lots of PCs you should have some method established for this. Hand your packaging/desktop team the MSI files and have them schedule it for the time you are doing your upgrade. Plan the timing of the upgrade and a roll back plan if the server upgrade fails as well. 



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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your reply.

Bug ID is :CSCui91418 .

Do we have fixed in 9.0.2SU3?



We are in HA for UCCX cluster, it means we have to run  the client configuration tool twice.

One each for both the servers.



You only need to run it once.

Run it on the CCX Publisher, it will download the msi files from the Pub, patch them with the IP addresses and then upload them to both the Pub and Sub


Thanks for your reply...

One more question :-

What is the best way to roll out new  CAD from upgraded UCCX ?

1) Give admin rights to agent and when they will receive the POPUP on their laptop then CAD will upgrade from upgraded UCCX.

2) Push the new CAD and CSD from outside source to laptop and it will upgrade the CAD. Will there by any problem for licenses as the CAD is not upgraded by UCCX or by the POP up?



Chakshu Piplani
Cisco Employee

Hi Shobhit,

Defect CSCui91418 is fixed in 9.0.2SU1ES3, however 9.0.2SU1 ES3 got deffered, so I would suggest you to get 9.0.2SU1 ES4 which covers previous ES patch fixes, you can get this through TAC.

If you talk about the major upgrades this defect is fixed in 9.0.2SU2, you can find this defect in resolved caveats section.

You can upgrade to 9.0.2SU3 it will cover defects fixed in 9.0.2SU2.

Just upgrade to 9.0.2SU3 and run the client configuration tool,when agents login to CAD they will get a pop up that a new client software is available for download, they can then hit the ok button to upgrade and they will be on the new release, this will only happen if the agents PC have elevated privileges to install applications.

Let me know if you have any further queries.


Chakshu Piplani

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Hi Chakshu,

Thanks for your response and it is very helpful !!

Disk/logging  partition of  UCCX server : x.x.x.x usage is 100%.

Currently, we are facing issue with disk logging:-

Command Line Interface is starting up, please wait ...

log4j:ERROR Failed to flush writer, No space left on device

Please find attached the output

What do you suggest?



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